exhibition architecture


The idea of designing a set derives from the frustration of wasting food, water and wrapping materials in the kitchen.

This is the first attempt to solve the waste problems.

Reducing wrapping materials

The different parts of the set has the possibility to be covered with another part in every possible way.

Reducing water consumption

The set will be made out of industrial glass which can endure high temperature changes. All the glass containers can be taken directly from the fridge, put in the oven or the gas cooker and finally directly on the table. This greatly reduces the amount of transfers from one container to another and automatically reduces the need for dish washing.

Reduce food waste

The set makes it easy to keep leftover food. The idea behind the design is that each element is fit to cover another and so is designed to be placed directly in the fridge when one wants to keep food for later. The transparent glass makes it easy to see what you keep in the fridge.